osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Apple Latest Giant To hit Cable Stone Wall

The first part of this article is about Apple's failure to get content providers like Disney on board with AppleTV, which the quoted sources (all from the content side) say is Apple's fault. The other half is about Apple's inability to get into the cable market. This is unsurprising.

The business about streaming reminds me of how Tivo and the stand alone DVR business got destroyed. First came TiVo and stand alone DVRS. Cable and DBS providers simply refused to allow TiVo to attach their device. Then they came out with their own DVR service. Ultimately, TiVo has been reduced to a marginal player and living off its patents and no one else ever got into stand alone DVR.

From the FCC's standpoint, this was not a failure to enforce the law designed to prevent precisely this outcome. It was a success because consumers got DVR service. Overpriced monopoly DVR service, without any significant innovation since TiVo gave up. But it is still DVR service and everyone buys it so it must be what the market wants.

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