osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

This stuff outrages me and breaks my heart

For those who haven't seen the Daily Kos piece from 'Beantown Mom:"

Daughter takes birth control pills to control dysmenorhea (which I'm sure I have misspelled), the condition where a woman's period is sufficiently extreme that it causes debilitating pain, blood loss, and other symptoms rising to the level of a medical condition. Because schools insist on controlling all prescription meds, it appears the girl was "outed" as being "on the pill" on a school trip. The resulting abuse at school has been horrifying.

What is particularly abhorrent to me as a parent is that, according to the author, the kids in school are repeating what their mothers say at home -- that if this girl is on the pill she must be a total slut.

Yes, I know this ties into the national dialog and Rush Limbaugh, etc. But it also highlights something very important for us parents -- we need to remember that our kids learn appropriate behavior at home. Even our teenage kids will look to us for opinions and views. When we casually disparage people, our kids pick it up and use it as an excuse for bullying and cruelty. We need to watch what we say. To be aware that our kids don't necessarily get nuance or recognize that we're tired or (in my own case) just being snarky and/or exaggerating for comic affect.

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