osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Upcoming trips

Next week I will be in San Francisco from Monday evening 9/26 until Saturday night 10/1. Happily, my inlaws are coming down to take care of Becky and Aaron. I'll be speaking at the munibroadband conference, touching base with some of our allies, and begging a few foundations for money. I'll also be hanging with my friend Dave Effross, with whom I shall spend Shabbos. But if anyone else is in SF then and wants to get together, let me know.

Thursday of Chol HaMoed Succot I will be in NYC doing fundraising. That's probably a straight up and back, but could possibly see about getting together with anyone interested for dinner depending on scheduling.
[Should one eat in a Succah when eating out? When I eat out during the rest of the year, I am definitely not eating in my home. So if the object is to treat the succah like my home, I should eat in the resteraunt, yes?]

The last Friday of October I will be in Santa Barbara, CA debating someone from a conservative think tank called the Heartland Institute on whether municipal broadband is a good idea or not. I'm hoping to spend Shabbos with Lee and Barry Gold in LA and come home Sunday. But there is a slight chance I may end up at a spectrum summit in San Diego.

That takes me through October. Not sure what November holds.

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