osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

House Concert Report

The house concert with Heather Dale was a total blast. First and foremost, I need to thank museinred who spent hours getting the house in shape and who kept me on task when my natural attention span tended to wander.

We had about 20 people, which was what I expected. Heather, Ben and their drummer John were wonderful. They also understand about performing in a small space. The music was at perfect volume for the venue, which is an achievement.

In addition to museinred, the people I recognized who were there were gorgeousgary and the_sheryl, and starmalachite and stevemb. It was great seeing them as we will miss Balticon this year on account of Shavuot. Altogether we had about 20 or so, which was what I expected based on replies. Some were local SCA, the rest were fans of Heather from their mailing list.

The music was a total blast, and hanging with Heather, Ben and John before and after the concert was no end of fun. We finally kicked everyone out at about 10:30 or so but we continued to finish a little beer and cider while Heather and I swapped songs (her) and stories (me). Which led to the highlight of the evening.

Heather asked me to perform with her at Pennsic!

I'll be contributing a brief set (8 minutes approx) to Heather's Midnight Madness concert. w00t! w00t! Fun does not begin to cover it.

I will say that those rare occasions when I actually get to listen to performances and do the bardic thing remind me that I need to keep making time to try to have a life outside of work.

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