osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Fun day in the news

It is amazing to me how crappy cable news is as a primary news source. In DC, I am in a media rich environment loaded with news. Here in San Diego, a major market in the U.S., local news and national news coverage are pathetic.

Happily, for the news junkie, there are some other available sources. But anyone who wonders about public attitudes should meditate on the difference between news which is "discoverable" and news that is sprayed all over the friggin' place like machine gun fire.

For example, on CNN Headline this morning, I got lots of updates about some mother in AZ that forgot her baby in a car. I got nothing on Ehud Olmert's little nuclear slip up.

Meanwhile, in stories that are covered, the apparent stroke of Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) is certainly going to make life all interesting again.

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