osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Tahara Blog: Avraham Ze'ev Ben Yosef

Generally, the dead do not inspire me with fear. Tonight, however was different.
(not for the sensative)

Tonight's meis had died of some combination of various blood-born pathogens and C. Diff. He was still in a double-body bag (although not marked bio-hazzard). He had a pick line still inserted and a trac, leaking fluid. Worse, it appeared that the stomach fluid had come up in transport. When we started to cut him out of the body bags, we could see he was covered with yellow bile.

And the meis was extremely heavy, probably about 275. That requires a lot of coordinated lifting.

I have a fear of blood born pathogens. The fact that the meis was also relatively young (57) made me very much not want to fool around with whatever might be inside. Nevertheless, the team decided to press ahead (with face shields and more frequent glove changes -- and no effort to remove any of the tubing or bandages). Because we really needed all of us to move the meis, there was no real way I could back out.

It was long, and messy, and painful for my back. But I have no better excuse than anyone else in klal yisroel. Still, kinda wound up. C. dif and some other possible blood born pathogen. Ick.

A mechila from the soul of Avraham Ze'ev. We did the best we could.

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