osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Actually, I really like this quote.

"Thirty years ago women used to complain that they wanted "a wife." Now that women like Slaughter have wives (in the guise of her husband who, functioning as a single dad, took care of two kids and the entire household every weekday for two years while he also held down a job and earned a living), they don't like being the husband very much. To their surprise, it turns that husbands don't "have it all" either. And Slaughter is mad as hell to have worked this hard and given up so much only to discover that being the husband kind of sucks. Being the husband requires far more compromise than she and many high-powered women ever imagined."

Lori Gottleib, There's No Such Thing As Having It All, And Never Will Be.

The wife quote is a reference to this famous piece.

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