osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Beginning Wellness Program

Exercise begins very moderate. Changes in habit are gradually introduced. My first reaction was: "Remember Na'aman. 'And if the man of God had told you to do something more difficult, would you not have done it?' Then I realized that at the end of the program, I will have totally reshaped my life. Anxiety seized me. How would this be possible? There is no way I can do all these things! Then I said to myself: 'One moment you were disappointed because it was not a drastic enough change, now you are despairing the change is too much.'

Then I comforted myself with this parable from Maimonides:

A Fool saw a doctor prescribe a few drops of powerful medicine for a sick man. After a week of taking the medicine as prescribed, the man recovered. The Fool said to himself: "If a few drops will do this for a weak and sick man, imagine what it will do for a strong and healthy man like me!" At once the fool went to the apothecary and purchased a bottle of the medicine. He returned home and swallowed the bottle. An hour later, the Fool was dead.

We do this a few drops at a time.

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