osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

"Why Can't We Connect With The Freeloaders?"

I am amused at the "Obama Redistribution tape" response to the "Romney 47% tape." Even taking the narrative Fox would like to create as true, it boils down to: "So what if our guy thinks you 47% are freeloading losers, Obama actually wants to take away other people's money and give it to you! Isn't that awful?" Wait, why aren't we connecting with you freeloading losers?

Mind you, some huge portion of the people who benefit from the social safety net (and I don't just mean relatively non-obvious things like the mortgage interest deduction, I mean people on things like WIC and Medicaid where the government is giving you money so you can eat and stuff) will vote for Romney. Social conditioning and cognitive dissonance are powerful things.

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