osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

How Antitrust and Regulation Brought $25 billion in Capital Back To The Wireless Market

My latest blog post on the recent transactions in the wireless market.

How Antitrust and FCC Regulation Brought $25 billion in capital back into the wireless market, and forced incumbents to actually invest in their networks -- thus enhancing spectrum efficiency, encouraging innovation, and creating jobs.

Short version: Over the last two years, the Department of Justice and FCC have made it clear that (a) We will have 4 national wireless carriers, dammit! and, (b) we will make sure they have sufficient access to spectrum to stay viable. This has prompted a bunch of foreign companies to dump $25 billion on competitive carriers Sprint and T-Mobile. In addition, it forced AT&T and Verizon to start investing in their own networks and getting more efficient about spectrum use. The result? More investment, more jobs, more innovation, better networks and lower prices. In other words, the complete opposite of the oft-repeated meme that antitrust and regulation can only hurt jobs.

[And people about to leap in with how regulation or antitrust can also be bad, please go back to Logic 101 and reread the part about how a proof that something is not always A because it is sometimes B does not imply that it is always B. Also recall this is a summary, so go read the actual post.]

As an aside, turning the CW on its head like this always reminds me of my favorite bit from Woody Allen's Sleeper.


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