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An utterly fascinating poll

If you dig past the headlines and into the details of this poll Langers Research conducted for ABC News, it appears that the bulk of Romney's favorable momentum since the Denver debate is white males without college degrees.

Of note, Obama still retains an overall lead among all women (15 points) although white women favor Romney by 53-44 percent. Similarly, the fact that Romney is only leading Obama by 17% among all men is because of Obama's high standing with non-white men (95% among African-American voters, 75% among Hispanics). White men favor Obama by a rather stunning 65-35% Since non-whites are expected to make up about 24% of the voting pool, this makes for a competitive race.

My first reaction is that this explains so much about television advertising. White men are impulse buyers, women seem to be brand loyal (not much movement post-debate). This is why we see so many beer commercials promising us women will have sex with you if you drink their beer. By contrast, ads targeting women seem to be all about building long term brand loyalty. The assumption being that while men are likely to run out and buy a six-pack of whatever commercial gave them an erection, women will never abandon Charmin because those cuddly, adorable bears are practically members of the family.

But we also draw a lot of other conclusions. First, white males, you obviously still have clout. The fact that some huge number of you decided that Romney looked all presidential and CEO-y -- so therefore all that stuff about how he would downsize you and sell your organs to China just could not be true -- is enough to totally shift the dynamic of the election shows that you are still the alpha dogs when it comes to constituencies politicians will pander to. Woof! Whose got privilege? We got privilege! Sadly, what you no longer have is much opportunity for a good job with a pension and benefits like your Daddy had (or like you had before you retired) because Republicans broke the unions. But try not to think about that too much, because that is sooooo yesterday's news and -- squirrel!

On the other hand, enough women and minorities are now voting that they can still make a difference in the outcome. Sad, but there you are. More evidence of how all this "civil rights" stuff is ruining America.

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