osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Cassandrefreude on Fiscal Cliff

National Association of Manufacturers is really starting to panic about the upcoming Fiscal Cliff. They issued a report saying it will drive unemployment to 12%, and that it is already slowing economic growth due to uncertainty.

Dear National Association of Manufacturers and other industry folks currently pissing themselves over the fiscal cliff. Guys, you funded the election of true believer politicians. You had your little check lists about what positions you wanted from candidates and none of them included "in touch with reality" or "willing to make a pragmatic compromise." Instead, you pushed for ideological purity. "Death to regulations! Death to taxes! Death to compromise!" And even if, in your heart of hearts, you didn't totally agree with the candidates who thought refusing to raise the debt ceiling was no biggie, you figured it was worth it to get candidates that would push your overall agenda elected. What could go wrong?

Now you find yourselves reaping the whirlwind. One of your spokespeople laments that " the political leadership in this country has an understanding of how long it could take to turn this boat around." DUH! Where did you think they wer going to get that understanding from? These are the guys who grew up on the think-tanks you funded and the radio hosts you advertise on and support and who genuinely BELIVE that Jesus put them in office to save America by returning to the Gold Standard, eliminating the Fed, and stopping our awful, terribly destructive ever growing national debt no matter what it takes. These same people persuaded them that anyone who even suggested otherwise, or suggested there might be a real cost associated with such actions, was a traitor, a RINO, a member of the Soros-funded conspiracy to destroy America and turn it into a European socialist Nanny State.

Where, exactly, were these guys supposed to learn economic realities? Your SuperPACs funded ads with one message only, your lobbyists recited the same anti-government, anti-spending message over and over. No exceptions! No compromises! You are with us or against us, and "nuance" is just another word for "liberal." Conservative but pragmatic Republicans like Cliff Stearns and Dick Lugar got pushed out by the movement you built. Those that remain are either the true believers or the ones so thoroughly cowed by your army of Limbaughs and SuperPACs that no one would dare try to educate them about how the world really works.

To conclude, it's really kind of a pity the movement you funded and cheered got way from you like that, but that happens when you pour tons of money into races to catch a wave and don't think long term consequences. Like the Sorcerer's Apprentice, the broomstick brigade you made is rampaging out of control and will drown you in the flood. Unfortunately, in reality, there is no master wizard to make it all fine again at the end.

Now you're stuck with a fiscal cliff hitting your members in the bottom line. For once it not only sucks to be us, it sucks to be you! And while I, like every other American, will pay the cost of you folly, I shall at least be able to enjoy the Cassandrafreude.

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