osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I need a "Goat" icon

As in Goat the character from Pearls Before Swine. Preferably with his frustrated "Oh Lord . . ." or "Please stop talking now." While I am used to the right being ignorant of how actual math works, and the tactic of attacking that which does not agree and then accusing the left of a "collective freakout" when people respond with how stupid this is, there is just something sad about the attack on Nate Silver. It keeps confirming that the U.S. deserves its abysmal ranking in math. Doesn't anyone understand how probabilities work? The last time I encountered something this stupid and math related was back when I had a reporter ask me if Senate Commerce Committee members weighed in on the distribution of broadband funds from the stimulus, since half the stimulus funds went to states with members on the commerce committee. Me: You realize that 26 states have members on the Commerce Committee? Reporter: Yeah. Me: So you are asking me if I think that the fact that half the broadband money went to projects in 26 different states, and the other half went to the 24 states not represented on the Commerce Committee, means that members of Commerce Committee used political influence? Reporter: Yes. Me: No. Reporter: Why not? Me: Because there are 50 states in the Union. We should expect that about half the money went to about half the states and the other half of the money went to the other half. Reporter: Why would we expect that?

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