osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I Haz A Conventional Wisdom Headache

On top of seeing 90% of the "experts" in telecom-land utterly fail to understand why the AT&T thing is huge, I have a headache from reading the slew of "what did the election mean in telecom" articles. I get we are a small world and talk to each other a lot. But Good Heavens! The level of conventional thinking and rote reiteration of talking points is just giving me a headache. And these are the smart people! But everyone is so absolutely convinced of the conventional wisdom and so certain about how everyone else thinks and what their motivations are that they never NEVER EVER seem to understand where the opportunities are to get past the log-jams and the inevitable and actually do something useful (or at least predict likely outcomes).

Granted it allows those of us who do try to step back from our pre-conceptions just a smidge to look fucking brilliant, and I have built a fine career on actually *listening* to people and paying attention, but I think I just hit my tolerance for today.

"People give themselves to you, in their talking, and in other ways, if you are quiet and patient and let them, and not in such a damn rush to give yourself to them you go bat-blind and deaf." -- Aral Vorkosigan

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