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Best Professional Conference Ever!

Officially, Esme's muniwireless conference doesn't open until tomorrow, but she tossed on some additional sessions for this morning and Earthlink sponsored a reception tonight. Open bar! Go Earthlink! I loooooove you guys.

So I am now keynonting a major sold out conference instead of the smaller anticipated conference. I wonder if Esme would still have done it the same way if she'd known in advance the firepower that would be here (although, interestingly enough, no FCC people). I like to think yes. Esme and I have been on the same wavelength for two years now, even if we only met for the first time tonight.

I cannot help but revel in some major ego boo here. My professional blog is now up to 4K unique visitors/month, spiking at over 6K when one of my pieces gets redistributed on the major mailing lists. And I know at least two FCC Commissioner offices monitor it. I've had folks I don't know come up and say they read my stuff and loved my white paper. Now if only there was more than one kosher resteraunt in San Francisco.

The downside of keeping kosher is that I am now bleedin' famous in the telecom public policy world for my bizzare eating habits and my inability to eat out with everyone else. "No, really, I'm fine." "No, you will not be able to find someplace I can eat, trust me." Man, I wish Alvarion would sponsor a conference in Tel Aviv.

Miss Becky and Aaron. OTOH, I can't imagine Aaron having a good time here. Or Becky, as we are at the airport Westin and it would be a major schlep to get into SF. And SF is very hilly. But Aaron would definitely like the sea lions.

Open bars and blogging problem don't mix. Later y'all.

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