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Conference over, was fun

For those of us usually condemned to public interest conferences with cheap refreshments, being at a vendor supported conference is a real treat. Second open bar night. Sadly, single malt addiction has spoiled me for chivas regal. Once a premium blend, now I lament the fact that they ran out of sour mix.

Speach went _very_ well. Or, at least, was well received. Whether I have succesfully motivated these folks to get involved in the policy process remains to be seen. Very few folks showed up for the practical Birds of a Feather on federal spectrum policy afterwards. In fairness, tho, most of the folks who should have been there were in the Lessons From Katrina BOF.

Panel was not that great. I was originally going to debate another policy person about WiMax and how rules should be structured. annoyingly, he had to back out at the last minute for a meeting in Tel Aviv (I swear, sometimes I'm tempted to try to work for Alvarion just so I can visit the home office several times a year on the company dime). The "pro-WiMax" guy Esme got at the last minute was a techie who gave a sales pitch, not someone up on the policy side. And Dewayne Hendricks, the third member of the panel, decided he didn't want to talk about WiMax at all, but about cognative radios and FCC history and how the spectrum wars is deja vu all over again. I did not come away feeling that panel jelled.

Tomorrow I meet with the folks at EFF to debrief each other on what we're up to, where we're going, and whether we can do more to work together. I hear my old buddy Cory Doctorow is in town, so hopefully he will be there too.

More importantly, I go to beg for money from one of the major foundations out here. Hopefully, they shall be awed by my awesomeness and right a major check for mucho bucks. It would be nice to make payroll.

Need to do more professional blogging. LJ too distracting.

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