osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Cassandrafreude: Definition

Cassandrafreude (n): the bitter pleasure of things going wrong in exactly the way you predicted, but no one believed you when it could have made a difference. A portmanteau of Cassandra, the mythological Trojan princess, and schadenfreude, a German word meaning deriving pleasure from someone else's pain.
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Deleted comment

It happened again, with the Netflix CDN.

But I also needed a place I could link to for the definition so I don't need to define it in every post I make.

Payback is the bitch that peers!
Don't you mean portmanteu? It would be a compound if it was only "the joy of being Cassandra".
Thank you. Correction made.
A grammudgeon like me would find the correction irresistible.
A true pedant would, of course, be unable to resist correcting your spelling ;-)
I spelled it right looking up the wikipedia entry. Twice in one day is too much to ask for.
Nice. Did you invent it?
Yes, some time ago. Been trying to popularize it ever since.
I've got the opening recitative of Beethoven's Choral Symphony running through my head:

Cassandrafreude, I told you so! Ahh!