osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

For future blogging: Verizon v. Google on what drives Gigabit demand

Verizon responded to the recent buzz around Google Fiber and the FCC Chair's "Gigabit City" challenge with this blog post.

For those who did not click through, it basically says "we can offer 1 Gig with our fiber network whenever there is customer demand for it, but most people don't even have computers that can handle 1 Gig, so why should we? When the time comes, we are totally here."

It is an interesting question on what drives demand in this space. Is it that the lack of 1 Gig connectivity prevents us from developing applications and services that would demonstrate the value, so that if we had 1 gig connections available people would make such products? Or is it that products must come first to drive demand for 1 gig.

This is deserving of longer exploration, but I park it hee for now.

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