osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I am a seer and profit

Well, at least in the sense that one can be betting the odds. But the fact that regulators seem to miss the obvious elevates it to prophecy I suppose.

In this case, it goes to VZ selling its 700 MHz licenses. I predicted that, absent an FCC condition, they would unload them either to AT&T or to players in markets so rural that VZ doesn't want to serve them. AT&T can (and will) pay more than anyone else, so even though they are a major competitor VZ will sell to them -- especially if AT&T can provide some spectrum back.

So VZ is now done selling off its 700 MHz licenses. The ones that didn't go to AT&T (surprise!) wen to a bunch of very rural systems.

I don't begrudge rurals their 700 MHz licenses. They need them. But it hardly helps competition and we shouldn't pretend it does.

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