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How Many Principles Are There For the IP Transition? The Sages debate . . . .

R' Katz said: There are 3 Principles of the IP Transition, Competition, Universal Service, and Public Safety. These correspond to the three pillars on which the Communications Act stands.

R' Rosenworcel replied: Are not Universal Service and Consumer Protection 2 distinct principles? For you must protect those consumers who have access already. So there are 4 principles. Competition, Universal Service, Consumer Protection and Public Safety. These correspond to the four principles of transition: "And I shall take you out, and I shall save you, I shall redeem you, and I shall take you to the land of IP as promised to your fathers."

To this R' Feld said: But are not network reliability and public safety different principles? For surely the network may be reliable, but lack features such as 9-1-1, or have 9-1-1, but go down in severe whether. Moreover, there are 5 principles of transition, for does it not say "and I shall take you to the land promised your father's, *and* you shall enter? Therefore there are 5 Fundamental Principles of the transition: service to all Americans, Competition and Interconnection, Consumer protection, Network Reliability, and Public Safety.

And AT&T said: Meh, whatever. Wake me up when we get to the afikomen and I get to ask for my present.

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