osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Can we have a moratorium on Rosa Parks comparisons

Now added to my list of cliches that are annoying and offensive to me: claiming to be a new Rosa Parks. Because, srsly, your ability to own an assault rifle is the same as fighting a system that demeaned and degraded millions of people in nearly every aspect of their lives?

From a pure stylistic point, it is a lazy cliche. It prompts everyone but true believers to roll their eyes.

For those of you who cannot imagine any other right that anyone else has ever had to defend ever, I propose you compare yourselves to Larry Flynt or Lenny Bruce -- staunch defenders of the First Amendment. "My right to own an assault weapon is just like my right to publish a highly offensive political parody which claims that a popular television evangelist's first sexual experience was an incestuous encounter in an outhouse. You may not like it, but it's protected so there!" This has the virtue of not only being fresh, it is a much closer analogy to the right you claim.

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