osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream . . .

I had the most horrible dream where I was trapped in a Spider Robinson novel with beckyfeld, museinred and Steve Z. it all took place in Steve Z's hospital room. Through some pseudo-scientific/pseudo-spiritual contrivance, Steve Z had died and then come back to life. All four of us were forced to sit around saying the most banal things as if they had deep cosmic meaning and insight. And absolutely nothing of any consequence happened, no matter how much we kept saying really banal things that sounded like random inspirational posters and Snapple caps strung together.

At first I distracted myself with thoughts like "but beckyfeld is allergic to pot, that's gonna be awkward" and "God, I hate coffee. I really hate coffee. Please don't let there be coffee. Because then we're going to have to drink it. and talk about coffee." Or "wow, I'll bet that 'pain shared' thing really sounded profound 40 years ago, while smoking pot and drinking coffee." but no matter how much I tried to distract myself I kept discovering we were still saying really banal things as if they had some kind of spiritual significance.

The most vivid part was my saying to myself "My God! How many more pages does this go on!!" At which point I had the most bizarre sensation of reaching outside reality and flipping through the pages of reality with my still inside them. I also decided reality (in the paperback) had a very prosaic and generic cover.

Happily at that point I woke up. I had, quite literrally (in both senses of the word), bored myself awake.

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