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I have now gone mad with geekery

I am prepping for a technical workshop on the 600 MHz band plan at the FCC tomorrow, because it turns out I am actually an engineer. Which is fine, becuase it turns out I'm <i>also</i> and economist and auction expert. Which is why, unlike everyone else at the workshop who (a) actually has a degree in engineering; and (b) is allowed to bring a team of technical experts to help them out, I will be showing up alone.

Meanwhile, I am scrambling to catch up with the docket because I have spent the last two weeks head down in the PSTN transition, which is wireline and a whole different set of technical issues.

Just to make things fun, I will play a lawyer again this evening at an FCBA event on the Open Internet Order, which it has been at least a year since I looked at.

So instead of frantically boning up for any of these things -- or getting any of the various white paper and blog posts I need to write done. I have decided to draft a My Little Pony style video to explain spectrum issues. I call it: "My Little Pony: Sharing Is Magic." It is all about the importance of new smart radio technologies to enhance spectrum efficiency, but with really gorgeous animation and the most <i>adorable</i> plot lines. I have decided to cast Spike in the role of the TV White Spaces Database. Sparkle is spectrum between 500 MHz and 1 GHz. I'm thinking Flim and Flam as AT&T and Verizon -- with Cisco as Gilda Griffen ("I totally love unlicensed!") 
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