osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Push the U.S. To Side With The Blind Over the IP Mafia

"Thou shalt not put a stumbling block before the blind" --Leviticus 19:14

After many years of negotiation, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is finally ready to sign the Treaty For the Blind in Marrakech, Morocco in a few weeks. Oh look, intense lobbying by the Intellectual Property (IP) Mafia is causing the U.S. to waver at the last minute . . . .

It is disgraceful that the U.S., at one point a major proponent of the Treaty, is now wavering because the usual suspects from Hollywood have come lobbying at the last minute. and why? Because God forbid international law should acknowledge anything, ANYTHING might be so important that it creates an internationally recognized limitation and exception to Copyright Law. And why would the United States, which has many domestic laws already in force that go beyond what the Treaty would require, listen to Hollywood and the other copyright and patent bullies?

For [campaign contributions] blind the eyes of the wise, and twist the tongues of the righteous. -- Deut 16:19

Help keep the U.S. on the right side of the Treaty For The Blind and tell the I.P. Mafia to stuff it. We have organized a We The People Petition here. We need to reach 150 signatures just to be visible on the main page.

Please help us by clicking on the link and signing the Petition. If you are so inclined, please pass this along to friends. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/side-blind-over-obstructionist-companies-secure-treaty-blind-makes-books-accessible-globally/ZJtgcVph

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