osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

This week's parsha and space travel

I was pleased this week to find proof in the torah for the concept that Jews should participate in the space program. No, this is not a joke. Yes, I am serious.

If I, as an Orthodox Jew, accept the concept that everything is somehow contained in the Torah, it is nice to find it. Those not familiar with the genre of exegesis should skip. I'm really not up for explaining it. This is primarily for the handful of folks who familiar with the concept.

Deut 30:4 -- "Though you be scattered beyond the outermost part of the heavens, from there shall the Lord gather you, from there shall he take you."

Obviously, therefore, the Messiah cannot come and we cannot be redeemed until there are Jews settled in space. And I don't think ISS is far enough. Feel free to point this out to any religious folk who think the space program is a waste of time. Also, if you work in a science field and someone tells you anything but the study of Torah is a waste of time, point this out.

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