osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Two Wins Yesterday

Monday was definitely a mixed bag on the oral argument for net neutrality -- although I think the celebrations of the Tea Party on the demise of net neutralit are somewhat premature. Still, two judges on the panel appeared ready to gut the heart of the NN rules. My overall analysis here.

Yesterday, however, had two significant wins. First, AT&T agreed to an interoperability mandate on its 700 MHz B licenses. Mostly what this means is that rural providers with 700 MHz A licenses will finally get handsets (due to economies of scale) and roaming. That was nice.

Much more significant in the longer term, and much more satisfying (given my level of overall involvement) is Verizon's announcement that they will bring FIOS to Fire Island to replace the copper network destroyed by Sandy.

This outcome goes beyond Fire Island. Had Verizon succeeded in establishing Voice Link as an acceptable substitute for its copper plant, it would have been a serious blow to consumers going forward as we transition the phone system away from traditional copper technology. As it stands, we've established that carriers can be expected to deploy wireline networks even where they do not consider it cost-effective.

Hard to believe it's only Tuesday.

Massive speaking schedule over the next few days. Going to be a busy September.

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