osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I shouldn't feel bitter . . . but I do.

This is another example of my issues of working my way through the demographic snake.

As this article in Harvard Business Review observes, the ongoing problem of ridiculous work culture is a relic of the white-collar male baby-boomers who see willingness to work long hours (supported by understanding wives and families) as a key attribute of success. It is a thing they look for in their protege/successors, and one of many things that tends to contribute to the "wage gap."

Except that men classed as Millenials in this article (although not defined, I think we are talking under 35), find this as ridiculous and offensive as their female coworkers -- and as detrimental to their careers. Change occurs, however, when male and female coworkers actively work together to change the culture.

This is part of the overall culture change that will occur quite dramatically in about 15 years time when we have the huge demographic shift and the ongoing process of change that is currently masked by the weight of the 1965 and older cohort yields to the born after 1980 cohort (dates are approximations from back of envelope calculations).

Having known this and tracked it for over 25 years, I shouldn't feel bitter as research continues to confirm what I've been predicting and that the wave comes too late to do me any particular good. But I do -- mostly because so much idiocy is avoidable and because we are preparing for the wrong set of social problems.

At least I can look forward to enjoying the Cassandrefreude in my golden years.

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