osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Jealous of all my friend's Arisia reports

I really miss having the time to go to cons.

At this point, I think it is about 10 years since we last went to Arisia. I will miss Balticon this year due to my 25th Reunion and -- despite my occasional fantasy to the contrary -- there is just no way on this planet I will get to Worldcon in London.

The problem I have discovered is that once one fall out of the habit of going to conventions, or SCA events, it becomes hard to get back into the habit. I look up and go "Oh, I'm seeing Facebook posts and Tweets about __, was that this weekend?"

Also, I'm not sure if the cons closest to me are worth going to these days. Balticon remains solid, but I hear Philcon has wasted away. I'm unlikely to get out to Pittsburgh before Pennsic. Lunacon was always marginal for us because it is an inconvenient distance (just far enough to make getting there a hassle) and always seemed about to fall apart. It was the first we dropped.

At least there is Contata this year, but I have a fear it conflicts with a must-attend bar mitzvah (son of a close friend).

So, collective LJ. If there were one con in 2014 other than Balticon or Contata or Worldcon that I ought to try to plan far enough ahead to get to so that I can get back into the habit, which would it be? Feel free to suggest anything in the 48 contiguous states. given the necessary planning, something in CA is about as plausible in my life as something in Boston or even Philly. Also feel free to tell me I am wrong about Philcon or Luncaon these days.

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