osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Good Dennis Ross Piece on What Should Happen Now In Mid-East

I think Dennis Ross had it right in this piece on Sunday about the choices Hamas made and the course forward. Especially the idea that since a final status peace deal is impossible now, the objective should be to make immediate improvements that reward Fatah for forgoing violence and build the political capital of leaders who support negotiation (Ross lists some good concrete steps on both sides that could build well with ratification of an agreement like the Lapid Plan). As Ross concludes: "Our diplomacy after this recent conflict must foster tangible changes on the ground, not promise a vision that is unachievable. That is the essence of good statecraft, and rarely has it been more needed."

Ross was Bill Clinton's chief negotiator for the Middle East, so I would rank him as fairly centrist on Israel/PA (which means the PA supporters will hate him as pro-Israel like all American administrations and Israeli's will regard him as a slave to the failed Oslo framework).

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