osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Nazi Cows? Srsly?

Nazi cows. Srsly? Friggin' Nazi Supercows! Hiding in the pastures of England since 1940, until it was time to strike!

"Wait, it's a trap! You're not the Red Heffer! You're The RED COW SKULL!!!"

"Hail COW-dra! Cut of a head . . . . um . . . horn and two more will take its place! We have returned. And now we are COWS WITH GUNS!!!"

"Sadly, you came back as a kosher animal, Red Cow Skull. Big mistake, Nazi Supercow . . . really . . .big . . . mistake. For I am the Jewish super hero -- "

"Not --"

"Yes! I am THE RUEBEN!!! Now prepare for some Supersized hurt, and yes -- there will be fries with that!"

(Yes, I know Reubens aren't kosher. IT A JOKE. Deal.)


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