osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Link Harvest: Verizon Claim For Title I Wireless Investment Boom Debunked

As Free Press notes, VZ failed to adjust for inflation when comparing investment in the wireless industry between 1994-2007 (under Title II) and 2007-014 (Title I data, Title II voice). Doing so eliminates the "boom." Other metrics likewise call into question the assessment that Title I had any positive impact on industry investment. Investment is more closely correlated with level of competition.

To which I will add that the spike in investment in 2009-2011 correlates to the availability of AWS-1 (auctioned in 2006, but not cleared of federal users until 2009) and 700 MHz spectrum (auctioned in 2008, not available until analog shut off until 2009). That this spike, when adjusted for inflation, is lower than the spike in wireless investment following the initial PCS auction in 1994 (which was investment entirely under Title II) likewise undrmines the argument that regulatory framwework influences investment decisions. 

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