osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Back to Grinding Out The Yardage

Been feeling somewhat down and think I fnall have a handle on what's bugging me. The year started really big, with huge wins on net neutrality and beating the Comcast/TWC merger.

Now its back to the usual game of grinding out the yardage in the long game. Yes, the FCC is still in "friendly" hands and Wheeler is a Chairman who shares our values a lot. But even a sympathetic FCC needs to get pushed, and nudged and cajoled and generally worked into doing the right thing. And Congress is a non-stop pain in the rear (as we knew it would be). New mergers, more gray areas, the slog on spectrum policy, etc.

It's like winning the Super Bowl, then needing to get back into the regular season. it kinda get you down for a bit. But then you get back into it. We have about a year or so to go before we get into the holding pattern that precedes a total turnover of administration (whoever wins in '16). Gotta see how many more wins we can grind out.

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