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Key differences between Yom Kippur and Shabbos

Originally posted as a comment to Gnomi, but figured it was good enough to put here.

1) We have six aliyot instead of seven. Early kiddush club!

2) We have the five "afflictions of our soul" -- no eating, no drinking, no bathing, you must wear ugly white boat shoes, no funny business in the function room during the drash, and you can actually breath in the women's section (perhaps it is only four?).

3) You "only" get Karet instead of the death penalty for violating the commandments. Go wild!

4) Increase in snuff use by congregants over 60.

5) Kol Nidreh earlier than mincha erev shabbos -- come early for good parking spaces.

6) Auction kibbudim AND a yizker appeal. Good way to forget those Earthly distractions like davening and focus on what is really important -- displaying your financial wealth to the community in the guise of beddek habayit.

7) Rabbi's drash does not delay kiddush or lunch, but still delays nap.

8) Get to wear bathrobe to shul, provided it's white.

9) On Shabbos, welcome two malachim. On Yom kippur, get to BE like malachim. This turns out not to be as much fun as welcoming malachim then eating.

10) This post now has sufficient answers to make a minyan.

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