osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

If You Wonder How The Media Generates "Fights"

This article from the Hill is such a classic example of how the media generates fake fights and blows them up for clickbait.

First, note the dramatic headline: "Clinton Fury With Sanders Grows"

Ooooh, did that get your blood boiling yet, whichever side you are on. If you are a Sanders supporter, are you not filled with righteous indigination at the imperious one? If you are a Clinton supporter, are you not totally in agreement that Clinton has patiently endured an endless and increasing stream of provocations?

But wait, that's the headline, lets dig deeper.

Here's the opening paragraph.

"In public, Clinton aides and allies have kept their anger checked, decrying the rowdy outbursts at Nevada’s state convention last weekend but saying they believe Sanders will ultimately do the right thing by helping to unite the Democratic Party."

Ah, but now we will get the real dish, won't we? And, sure enough, it's all anonymous sources and aids saying the same stupid stuff we see from all the other outlets.

But did Clinton say anything?

Well, she did say that she expected that Sanders would do his part to unify the party after the nominee. ooooh . . .

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