osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Briefly on Captain America: Civil War

Some spoilers.

1. I really hate movies that try to make law a point when they are going to sacrifice all manner of details about how law and policy works for the sake of story. I can ignore it in the background, but in this case it is part of the story.

I'll start with "ratification"is after signing. And ratification is what countries do after a treaty is negotiated and signed by the relevant countries. So, for example, while the U.S. has signed the Transpacific Partnership agreement (TPP), it is not ratified until it is approved by Congress. Similarly, we would then have to pass implementing legislation. This is not a secret process and takes time. There is no way this wouldn't have happened without everyone knowing about it and lots of public debate.

Alternatively, if this were a secret agreement, we wouldn't have big press conference at "ratificiation." Which, of course, was actually just the signing ceremony.

I'll stop there before I go on way too long. The point is, that kind of stuff, while I get it from a movie perspective, it bugs me.

2. Aaron saw it for a second time with me, and observed "when you see it for a second time, you actually think about it and notice the stupid parts." Notably, it is another one of those action movies that requires people to not talk to each other or listen to each other for the plot to work. "Look, I've got evidence we are going after the wrong guy. The actual bad guy who bombed the U.N. is this guy." "No, I'm totally not going to listen to you because as the Face of the Accords I need to be a complete dick while we put your buddies in our floating GitMo."

3. Am I the only one getting tired of Marvel Movies using the "mind control" trope to have our good guys do awful stuff? Yes, I know we established in "The Winter Soldier" that Bucky had all kinds of crap in his head. But come on. We have to have the magic code words once again turn him into a homicidal maniac? Lazy.

4. Disney's toy people are singularly the most awful people in the world, given the way they repress strong women characters in Disney films. I hate them. At least we got Juddy Hopps.


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