osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

The Dance of Grown Ups has begun

All you need to know on the Dem side.

Sanders made it clear that the goal will be to come together and beat Trump in November.

Clinton has expressed lots of interest in meeting with Sanders on the platform and everything else "when he is ready."

Ignore the cloud of chattering that surrounds the grown ups dancing. Both Sanders and Clinton are old dealers who understand about The Deal. This is a trickier dance than in '08, because Sanders and Clinton do have significant differences both in terms of policy and in terms of structure of the Democratic Party. Additionally, neither is so delusional as to believe the other exercises autocratic power over their supporters (and even less over their "supporters").

Sanders did not get the nickname "amedment king" for nothing. And Clinton did not acquire a reputation as a pragmatic deal maker for nothing. Both also understand that the issues at play here go well beyond the election of 2016. Clinton is no fool. She understands the demographics and the failure of the Democratic Party as a party to grow when demographic data suggested it should be growing.

So watch the grown ups. Ignore the chatter. Or, if you prefer, ignore everything until after Labor Day.

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