osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I acquired a fire pit for Father's Day

I have, contrary to all past practice, started to take an interest in my back yard. Perhaps this is the onset of empty nest syndrom. Perhaps it is the natural reaction to the need to get rid of two old trees in the backyard that had become a safety hazard and the resultant opening up of the backyard. ("Oh look! There's a backyard other than those two annoying trees I hated!")

In any event, I found myself in Home Depot for Father's Day (how cliche, I know) to purchase some odds an ends for hedge tending and weed whacking. While there, I found a metal fire bowl/artificial fire pit with a cooking attachment/grill. Folks who are familiar with these fire pits will know that they are essentially a metal bowl with a removable mesh top to catch sparks (there are various other, more sophisitcated models that look more like period ovens). One can, of course, get a metal grill to put on top. But this models actually had something I have been looking for in a fire pit for a long time -- an adjustable grill so you can control the heat level of what you are cooking by raising or lowering it.

So i bought it for myself for Father's Day (my inlaws having financed the gardening equipment for Father's Day -- thanks Saba and Savta!) Am now contemplating when to have backyard bardic circle and grilled meat. 

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