osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Whatever Happened To "Obama's Army?"

Micah Sifry, who knows his way around this stuff, has written this article which explains what happened to Obama's "Movement 2.0."

It's worth reading and gives you a better understanding of the tension that continues to reverberate through the Democratic Party today.

Sometimes I try to remember what it was like back in 2008. I particularly remember what it was like to have a foot in two worlds -- the "Netroots" world and the traditional Washington world. At the time, I had such confidence that the incoming Netroots world would be able to reinvigorate and re-organize the Washington World. At that point it wasn't a question of trying to sweep it away or treat it as an enemy. It was more like a gang of happy techies trying to share their enthusiasm and excitement with their older relatives who couldn't understand why anyone would *want* a phone that did all kinds of stuff other than make calls and who found all this babble about revolutionizing and disrupting annoying. I can remember my older coleagues laughing at the naivete of the newcommers, then getting annoyed and frustrated with their refusal to get with the program and follow instructions from on high.


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