osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Inspired by Autographed cat

First, go look Autographed Cat's amusing filk over here: http://autographedcat.livejournal.com/199356.html

I couldn't help but be inspired...

TTO: The Stranger by Billy Joel

She is blond, she is hot
She is out where no girl should be
You have risen you are hunting
You are looking for fresh meat
So you stalk and taunt your prey
And the panicked little blondie
Tries to run away in terror
This is sure to be a treat

Oh the hunt is such a thrill
Yet some nagging sense of danger
Like some disregarded warning
Seems to echo in your ear
Now the girl's no longer running
And things keep on getting stranger
As the blond girl turns and smiles
And the Slayer stands revealed

You try to scare her once again
But she only laughs, and moves swift as the wind
Now it's you that tries to run away
To flee the hunter's laugh, to live another day

So at last you understand
How this "Blondie" was inspired
She was not afraid or stupid
And you'll find she's very strong
As her stake goes through your rib cage
You disolve like ash in fire
As yet one more vamp expires
When the Slayer comes along!

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