osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Becky Better

Good news. Becky is not home, but is definitely on the mend. She actually kept down solids this afternoon. I am hopeful they will send her home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, our heater is not working. This does not actually bother me (as I regard the current interior home temperature of 67 as comfortable) but it does bother my mother-in-law, who is down here to help out with Aaron and take care of Becky when she comes home. In fact, I did not even notice the heat was out until my mother-in-law pointed it out to me this morning.

So now we have a pleasant gentleman downstairs who barely speaks English and, for the modest fee of $120 & parts, will fix our heater. I am very annoyed, as this unit is only two years old, gets regular service, and has now malfunctioned twice in the last three months.

I'm also generally annoyed at the frustrating state of the universe. This is the second trip in a month that I had been looking forward too that I have had to cancel (I was supposed to go to Santa Barbara tomorrow and spend Shabbos with Lee and Barry Gold). Nor will I even start on the annoyances at work. If Tishrei is a significant simmun for the rest of the year, I am not happy. In the unlikely event I get 8 hours of sleep in a row (which is probably not until Aaron turns 18), I will probably feel less grumpy.

Other problems:
1) We now have an oven. We do not have it installed, because the Sears contractors who screwed up our plumbing in the dish washer did not pay attention to the note that the premises eq. was old and would require special work. Am moved to hire more competent plumbers, but have already paid for installation and getting back money will be a major pain.

2) Twisted ankle during simchat torah. Ouch. Then walked to see Becky. Ouch. Allieve wearin off. Ouch. Increases grumpiness. Ouch.

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