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Personal grump

Among things I am missing by not going to California this week (in chronological order):

1) Local NPR affiliate wanted to do 25-minute interview with me on media issues;

2) Local group of film-makers/activists wanted to take me to expensive resteraunt with amazing view of Santa Barbara;

3) Actual debate itself, was looking forward to filleting opponent alive and inviting audience to join me in feasting on bloody gobbets of rhetorical flesh (hmmmm....lunch soon);

4) Spending shabbos with Lee & Barry Gold, who I usually only see once or twice a year (if that). Been looking forward to a mellow, non-convention time to catch up;

5) Housefilk on Saturday night with Lee & Barry and other LA filkers.

This is now the second fun trip I've had to cancel for reasons outside my control, having missed Crusade at the beginning of the month.

On the plus side, DTV amendment appears to be moving. More of that on Wetmachine.


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