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So, do we really need a North East filkcon?

I gotta confess, I'm starting to wonder. Is it time to kill the NE filkcon? If not, why not.

I mean, I like it and its convenient and everything, but it seems like we are constantly struggling and not exactly generating tremendous excitement.

I will go as long as there is one (I've made my hotel reservation). But I'm really starting to wonder if we shouldn't just let it go for a few years and see if anyone notices. We have a lot of filkcons nearby, and regional cons with strong filk presence. Would we miss the NE Filkcon? Are people running it really interested in running it? Or has it become more of an obligation than a joy?

I'm rather sour on life on the moment, so this is no doubt amking me generally grumpy. But part of being a grumpy Osewalrus is asking the annoying questions that someone should ask (heck, that's even my day job).

So, to repeat, looking at this purely as an intellectual exercise, should we keep doing the NE Filkcon?

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