osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,


So we got this great deal a few weeks ago to go to Boston for Thanksgiving. It means missing Darkover, but we leave Wed. and fly back Monday evening.

Problem: it's Independence Airline. As some of you may know, Independence filed for bankruptcy protection. It is not expected to survive and will probably need to be liquidated.

They say they are solid flying through the holidays and nothing new will happen until January, so we should be set. But it's a pity, as Independence was a good airline for us.

Unlikely to do Darkover or Philcon. Truth to tell, I am not very excited about cons at the moment. East Coast cons have pretty much fallen into a programming rut. I probably wouldn't go to Arisia except that (a) Gnomi's birthday and (b) Heather Dale filk GOH. Usually I only see her at Pennsic.

Speaking of cons, I remind any members of the local filk community that we need to start thinking about Conterpoint 2007. I keep meaning to send an email around, but keep forgetting, so I will post it here and count on someone else seeing it.

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