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Last quick post before we're gone

Up to Boston this evening to have Thanksgiving with family. Will see a number of fellow LJers. (BTW, Hammercock, you around or elsewhere?)

We leave tonight on Independence Air and come back Monday evening. I am suddenly not sure if I discussed this with Seth and Karen or not. Must email. O.K., just did. Will try to call later.

Aaron is here at the office and behaving very well. He is plugged into Becky's laptop, the "Aarontainment system." Given his accumulation of games, books on tape/ipod, and DVDs, he is pretty much set as long as I check on him in the conference room on occassion.

Last night was an annoyingly late night. Ended up doing a last minute Petition for Recon to the FCC for CALEA. For those who haven't followed, your local broadband provider has 18 months to configure its networks so that law enforcement officials can monitor traffic. Please don't bother to tell me how stupid and impractical it is. I know that. one of the frustrations in this area is that the first thing anyone wants to tell me is how stupid this is and how it won't solve any problems etc., etc. Believe me. I know and agree 100%

What's annoying to me is that CALEA is not actually my fight. I leave this one to the good folks at EFF and the Center for Democracy and Technology (I am only one person and I do need to sleep some time). But I got dragged into a minor piece of it and got offended. As usual, the folks who make policy don't think about the small ISPs and the free nets and others who will get squashed by this or face $10K/day fines. Also, it makes it impossible for folks to do emergency relief efforts like we did after Katrina, do open source development, etc., etc. In short, if you don't look like the people who are always here, the FCC doesn't know you exist. So I ended up working late last night instead of leaving early.

The other problem for us lawyers is, once you pick something up, it is damn hard to put down. I'm now representing the guys on the Petition. I have a responsibility to them.

This didn't start as a rant, but ended up there. A sure sign that some vacation is due.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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