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Some quick Thanksgiving reflections

Thanksgiving going well so far.

On the whole, things going well. I am never happy with crowds and, while I enjoy seeing my various family members seriatum, seeing everyone together is often a strain.

This year things went relatively smoothly. Potential psychodramas are being kept to a minimum. We had enough food for Thanksgiving, but nobody listens to me when I say "don't bother to clean up, because in three-five hours people are going to want to eat supper." So, all you folks worried about leftovers. Hah. The only leftover is our brocoli salad and ratatuile, as such healthy stuff pales before the festival of protien, fats and carbs.

Shabbos about 45 minutes earlier here takes some getting used to, as does new dimensions of my parents' house.

Despite my grumpy persona, I cannot help but reflect on how enormously blessed we are. Becky and I both make good money at jobs we would probably do for free if we could figure out how to get stuff paid. Aaron continues to grow and change and deleight, challenge and confound and amaze us. "Zeh hakaton, gadol yihiyeh." [This is the small/young one who will become large/great/old] Ever since his bris, I have marveled at the multiple layers of that simple sentence. Hopefully, I will remain around long enough to see a good portion of it (not that I have any reason to think otherwise, praise God, but who can tell).

As usual, I cannot help but reflect on the wisdom of Kohelet. Surely there is no greater gift from God than "samach ish b'amalo," that a person derive happiness from his labors and station upon the Earth in the time that God has given us. For the wise will take heed that all go to the ground in the end, and will keep his head not in the house of feasting, but the house of mourning. And this knowledge shall make the days of his life even more precious and wonderful, recognizing them for what they are: the gift of God.

Sorry. I'll be grumpy again tomorrow.

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