osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

Catching up with friends

A very good day catching up with friends. Becky, Aaron and I got to spend a good four or so hours hanging with Goldsquare, who very graciously agreed to go with us to the children's museum since Aaron needed serious running around time. This gave us time to catch up and just hang, which we have not done in years.

This evening, Becky and I brought take out kosher chinese to Larry Marget and his wife Diane and their two adorable children David (5) and Mark (2). Larry is one of our oldest friends (I've known him since we were both 9, Becky when she came to Maimo at age 12), and while Diane is a relative newcommer (we've only known her for 20 years at this point :-)) she is equally close. Aaron elected to stay home with Grandma and Grampa, so we got to have some nice, solid adult conversation.

I'm sorry I missed all my friends at Darkover this year, but staying up until tomorrow has given us a chance to see some friends we don't usually see.

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