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Random updates

A few random updates, because it beats working.

Am greatly enjoying the book I picked up in the airport on way up to folks -- Jack Wtherford's "Ghenghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World." It provides lots of good material for story telling. Genghis' early life story is quite fascinating. One can hardly think of a less likely beginning for someone to become the most succesful conqueror of all time.

My one complaint about the book is the author is highly defensive about Ghengis and the Mongols generally, and spends much time claiming that their barbarism was exagerated (sometimes by the Mongols themselves to enahnce their reputation and encourage surrender). As a consequence, he minimizes what are very real attrocities casually committed by the Mongol hordes. As even the author acknowledges, the Mogols regarded captive people as spoil in the same way they regarded anything else as spoil. They ruthelessly destroyed farm land and villages so they could have grazing land for their horses. And lots of other nasty stuff.

We got back last night around 9:30-ish. Happily, the pizza I'd forgotten in the trunk of teh car before leaving was still good. Yum! I'm pretty sure the green stuff was olives.

This morning actually made it out of the house at a reasonable time. Julian needed to be physically carried out of the car by Aaron, as for some reason he was hysterical about going into school (he appears to have started the day on the wrong foot by not listening to his Ima and getting himself a cup. I told EstherChaya not to worry about it, as Seth and I will use it for our book "Merciless Discipline: Why Duct Tape Is The Only Parenting Tool You'll Ever Need.") Aaron was very sweet about carrying Julian ("there Julian, [happy voice] it's time for school!" Actually, it was pretty cute).

Loved Teleynor's piece on bad poetry. Will try to write my own reflections on poetry (bad and good) when have a chance.

Must run.

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