osewalrus (osewalrus) wrote,

I'm a bachelor with a sick cat and a seven year old, fun!

Becky is off for her annual pharmacy convention, which is called mid-year, because it is held every year in December. By contrast, the annual meeting, called Annual, is in June. Mid-Year attracts far more people and vendors than Annual, despite the fact that "Annual" is the "official" meeting of the hospital pharmacist trade association and "Mid-Year" is the unofficial meeting designed initially, so I'm told, so that the clinical stuff could get done seprataely from the more serious (and supposedly more interesting) business of the organization.

So far, I have yet to find a pharmacist who thinks this is (a) funny or (b) understands why I think it is funny. Perhaps I am just strange.

Anyway, the result of this is that every year I get to realive my exciting bachelor days. Whoo-hoo! Since my bachelor days were not exactly the stuff of legend, this is usually celebrated by my watching all the DVDs I never get to watch at 3 a.m. I was going to work on Second Season Buffy, which I have had on loan from EstherChaya and SethCohen for about 3 years now, but they ended up going to Las Vegas with Becky.

My other project is actually getting the role playing stuff that I promised nrivkis. And, of course, the boat load of academic papers I have outlined and no time to write, and occassionally get preempted on. This drives me nuts.

In any event, the complications on my "bachelorhood" are Aaron (if not for whom I would probably play more poker during this time) and Quantum. Quantum is not usually a problem, but she has acquired a mysterious limp in her left front paw. She wandered down Friday night to kiddush with the limp, and has had it since. There is no other indication of injury. No puncture wound, no swelling, no obsesive licking of the injured area. Appetite is fine, nor does she seem in any pain, even when walking. If she weren't limping, I wouldn't know anything was wrong.

The problem is that Quantum's vet seems to have disappeared. The phone is disconnected and the sign is no longer in front of the building. Fortunately, there is another cat medical practice nearby, where SethCohen takes his cats. But they keep pretty standard business hours and Quantum's condition does not appear to warrant an emergency run to the Cat Hospital in Rockville.

But Quantum is driving us up the $#@! wall because she has been inside since Friday night and, limp or no limp, freezing temperatures or no freezing temperatures, SHE WANTS OUT NOW! She is camping in front of the door throwing hissy fits and trying to claw her way out (which can't be doing her paw any good). I am very tempted to let her out on the grounds that she would come back soon, but she is just stupid enough to try crossing the street in her current condition.

Bachelorhood is overrated.

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