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And now, another episode of wildly inappropriate off color theater . . .

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) explains his recent misunderstainding . . . .

So there I was, just mindin' my own business in the skunkworks like any law abidin' non-perverted woman-lovin' Senator, when a fella takes the stall next to me. Well, we fell to talkin', as straight men always do in sech situations, and somehow, the subject of that airplane movie "Snakes on a Plane" came up. I guess it must have been the airport or somethin'...Anyway, we was talkin about the movie and I was sayin' that they could never get snakes past TSA (God bless America and Mike Chertoff, dontcha know). Then this fellah says "Oh yeah, well I snuck my trouser snake past TSA. Waddaya think of that?"

And I said: "No way!" and He said: "Way!" Well I wasn't gonna let him slander our brave boys and girls in TSA, or the wonderful security Ole Mike Chertoff has set up. So I decided to call his bluff.

"Well Hell," I said. "I'd pay good money to see your trouser snake then! Come on, put it it right in my hand and let me pet it, if you realy snuck it past TSA."

As I say, it was all an innocent misunerstanding. If I'm guilty of a crime, then it's that I feel too much pride in TSA.

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