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My folks are off for a cruise in the Caribbean. Am I the only one raised on 1970s game shows who cannot hear the term "Carribean Cruise" Without puting an exclamation point on and expecting an audience chearing like maniacs? Perhaps it is just me.

Quantum looked like she was getting better and is now limping again -- particularl after she goes outside, which she insists on doing. Greg (our housemate) suggests this may be arthritis. Looks like we get to go to the vet after all.

Becky made it home Thrs night from Las Vegas before the snow started falling. Friday was relatively quiet. Aaron was home, Becky was tired, and I pulled shabbos food together an hour and a half before shabbos (I was, mildly, uninspired).

Saturday night did not go to Philcon. I had been toying with the idea, but decided I wasn't up to it. Went instead to the melva malka for the Mikva Emmunah society. Rabbi Bridewitz (our Rabbi) spoke. We also got report on the mikvah society. They are wanting to build a new one, and convert the one nearby to a mens mikvah during the week (open to women on Shabbos and Yom Tov). Apparently, Ballard St. (our) is the only keylim mikva around. I gather that trash disposal around a keylim mikva is a big problem. This amuses me as I am told that the problem with men's mikvas are Men Are Pigs and cleaning up the mikva in time for women to use later is difficult as a consequence. Are men the ones who handle the dunking of keylim, or are women equally pigs when not around other women?

The one downside of the evening was the unsubtle threat that if Woodside did not pony up cash for the new mikva, the Mikva Emunah Society (which, unsurprisingly, has a majority of Kemp Mill members to judge by last night's turn out) will cut off funds for the Ballarad St. Mikva all together. My younger brother, however, points out the imbecility of this threat "if we can't get our mikva built, we'll shut down the only other one in the neighborhood and make everyone go to Potomac." Perhaps. But I wish I'd been paying close enough attention at the time to make the point. I do not like being threatened. My interest in donating dropped significantly as a consequence.

Today, I chased everyone out of the house by 12:30 so I can try to get some work done. More to the point, I would actually like a few hours alone. Despite the occassionaly interruption by the phone or the cat, this is actually working out rather well.

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